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Information last updated on: 24.04.2014 09:50 / Local time: 24.04.2014 09:50
24.04 05:40 Bulgaria Air FB986 Sofia T2 05:54 Departed
24.04 08:45 Bulgaria Air FB6615 Tel Aviv T2 09:16 Departed
24.04 08:55 Bulgaria Air FB972 Sofia T2 09:04 Departed
24.04 11:25 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC4567 Tel Aviv T2 Check-In
24.04 13:30 Austrian Airlines OS764 Vienna T2
24.04 15:00 S7 / Siberia Airlines S7922 Moscow Domodedovo T2
24.04 15:00 Bulgaria Air FB978 Sofia T2
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*** CHECK-IN: Passenger check-in begins 2 hours and its deadline is 45 minutes before the departure.
For certain special check-in time rules, please ask your local travel agent about check-in procedure details.

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