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   +359 52 573 323
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   +359 52 573 423
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   +359 52 573 472
   +359 52 573 467
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Welcome to Varna Airport which is located at the Black Sea coast, just 8 km away from Varna – the summer capital of Bulgaria. It lies at the heart of a highly developed business community and in direct proximity to leading Bulgarian summer resorts.

 Recent News
10 years of Austrian Airlines in Varna
Daily flights between Varna and Vienna: the gateway to Europe, North America and Asia
The first service to be provided by Austrian Airlines to Varna took place on March 28, 2005
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A full-scale exercise for an emergency insurance was held today at Varna Airport. The scenario of the exercise recreated an accident with business and civil airplanes that collided at Varna Airport
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The summer flights schedule of Varna Airport came into force
Varna Airport summer flights schedule came into effect on 29 March 2015. With the new schedule the regular flights’ frequency is gradually increasing
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 Flight Information
Information last updated on: 22.05.2015 11:25 / Local time: 22.05.2015 11:25
22.05 06:00 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC8054 Kuwait T2 06:39 Landed
22.05 07:25 Air VIA VIM588 Hannover T2 07:39 Landed
22.05 08:10 Bulgaria Air FB971 Sofia T2 08:20 Landed
22.05 10:25 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC5132 Berlin Schoenefeld T2 10:37 Landed
22.05 10:40 Air VIA VIM504 Frankfurt T2 10:48 Landed
22.05 12:40 Austrian Airlines OS763 Vienna T2
22.05 13:40 Turkish Airlines TK1051 Istanbul T2
22.05 14:50 Taimyr Air Company Y77311 Moscow Domodedovo T2
22.05 17:10 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC5234 Berlin Tegel T2
22.05 17:20 Air VIA VIM572 Hannover T2
22.05 19:40 Transavia France TO1274 Paris Orly T2
22.05 20:20 Bulgaria Air FB973 Sofia T2
22.05 21:00 Air VIA VIM510 Erfurt T2
22.05 23:25 Air VIA VIM568 Leipzig T2

 Flight Information
Information last updated on: 22.05.2015 11:25 / Local time: 22.05.2015 11:25
22.05 08:55 Bulgaria Air FB972 Sofia T2 09:07 Departed
22.05 11:30 Air VIA VIM587 Hannover T2 Boarding
22.05 11:40 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC5233 Berlin Tegel T2 Boarding
22.05 13:30 Austrian Airlines OS764 Vienna T2
22.05 14:25 Turkish Airlines TK1051 Istanbul T2
22.05 15:40 Air VIA VIM509 Erfurt T2
22.05 15:50 Taimyr Air Company Y77312 Moscow Domodedovo T2
22.05 18:10 Air VIA VIM567 Leipzig T2
22.05 20:25 Transavia France TO1275 Paris Orly T2
22.05 21:05 Bulgaria Air FB974 Sofia T2
22.05 23:20 Air VIA VIM571 Hannover T2
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