Poseidon BG Ltd offers you to rent SIM cards for mobile devices including the following services:

•Unlimited calls within the group FREE of charge
•3000 MB mobile Internet. Maximum speed: 42 MB/s (depending on the coverage). After the expiry of 3000 MB, the speed will fall to 128 Kbp/s.
•The SIM card will be activated with the help of the administration within 20 min after its purchase. If the card was bought after 6 pm, it will be activated at 9 am next morning.
•FREE incoming calls

What do you have to do?

•Buy a SIM card
•Insert the card into your mobile device
•Wait for the activation for the card
•Fill in your PIN code
•Enjoy the service during your stay

If you have a technical problem, you will get assistance in every office of Vivacom – the biggest telecommunication company in Bulgaria.

The shop is located in Arrivals, in the Baggage Claim area. Contacts: +359876237720